About Us

CINet Technologies Co., Ltd, founded in 2006, is one of Cambodia's leading e-commerce companies.
We developed and operated the Cambodia e-Visa system for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, one of the first online visa registration systems in the world. Presently we're innovating new e-passport system development for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Cambodia, as well.

In addition, we are currently developing other innovative e-Commerce development and mobile application solutions for the Cambodia and international markets.

1. Every eligible tourist who comes to Cambodia uses an e-Visa
2. Our products are well known and used as models for similar systems around the world
3. K-Qube is the leading Internet portal and e-commerce site in Cambodia
4. A Leading iOS and Android mobile development Company

1. Provide high quality Web sites that are easy to use
2. Build a reputation for trustworthiness and reliability
3. Effectively promote our products using both traditional methods and innovative online strategies
4. Move web-based application into iPad/iPhone and other tablet devices

1. To make available high quality web portals which enable that all people can fully benefit from Information and Communication Technology
2. To promote the Cambodia tourism industry through e-Visa system
3. To expand the Cambodia market through e-Commerce system
4. To build Cambodia market by iOS and Android mobile application development for every companies