Technologies & Programming Languages

Our team have many wide range of knowledge skills regarding the technologies we are developing the web application, design and mobile application (iOS & Android). We can recommend any of it for our clients or they can choose which technology that fit with their business also. We follow our clients and give them a good explanation or advice if there is any thing affect not good to the business operation.

1. Web Application (Scratch Development)
For any companies which aim at developing a large web application from scratch we prefer to provide a few of programming frameworks that we experienced as the following:
- Ruby on Rails (Ruby)
- Codeigniter (PHP)
- Laravel PHP Framework
- Symfony framework
and development on demand.

2. CMS Customization (Content Management System)
We also specialize in CMS customization website. If you wish your website has a good content management, flexible and easier please you consider on how to design with any CMS as the following:
- Drupal
- Joomla
- Wordpress
- Open Cart
- X-Cart
and customization on demand.

3. Programming Language, we Use:
We have many different expert of developers that they can program the code with the following languages:
- Ruby
- Jquery / bootstrap
- CSS3

4. Mobile Application Programming Language
We build applications for iOS and Android and we use:
- Objective-C
- Swift
- Java

If you would like to build any web application or mobile application, please contact us now!

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